Tips offers you an easy method of customizing our high quality designs to your liking as well as providing you with a method to upload your own design saved to our specifications. This method of automation makes it easy for you to get an accurate price, detailed delivery time, high quality design and have it professionally printed.
You can use any desktop publishing application to create your design provided you follow the following rules:

  1. Any images that you use should be at 300 ppi and placed at 100% size (rather than sized up or down in your application).
  2. Your images should be standard CMYK printing separations however if you choose to supply RGB images (from your digital camera for example) we will be automatically separating them into CMYK for you before we print.(please note: some color-shift may occur
  3. You must create your design at the proper size (see chart for sizes)
  4. Your design should include 1/8" bleed (additional image that bleeds over the trim area to ensure that there is no white space on edges when trimming)
  5. We print using standard CMYK process inks so if you use pms colours they will be automatically converted to process
  6. Save your final file as PDF at press quality for optimum results
  7. Your design will print just like the PDF you created so please proof read it carefully.

Remember, your monitor is not an accurate method for judging color.

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